Aluminum Space Bar Stand for Laptop and Monitor Stand with 4 USB Ports in Dubai


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Aluminum Space Bar Stand for Laptop and Monitor Stand with 4 USB Ports Description:

Introducing the Aluminum Space Bar Stand for Laptop and Monitor, a sleek and versatile accessory designed to elevate your computing experience. Crafted with premium materials and equipped with smart features, this stand not only adds style to your workspace but also enhances functionality.

Material Excellence The Aluminum Space Bar Stand boasts a construction that combines the best of both worlds. Its frame is meticulously crafted from durable Aluminum Alloy, which not only exudes a modern and minimalist aesthetic but also ensures the stand’s longevity. The combination of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PC (Polycarbonate) components further enhances its strength and stability.

Space-Saving Design With dimensions measuring 55 x 16.8 x 5cm, this stand is designed to optimize your desk space effectively. Elevating your laptop or monitor to a comfortable eye level, it frees up valuable desk real estate for other essentials, making it an ideal solution for smaller workstations or home offices.

USB Hub Integration One standout feature of this stand is its integrated USB hub with four conveniently placed USB ports. This allows you to easily connect various USB peripherals such as external hard drives, keyboards, mice, or smartphones. The stand is powered by an AC power cable, ensuring that your devices receive a reliable power supply.

Effortless Setup Setting up the Aluminum Space Bar Stand is a breeze. The package includes one stand and one AC power cable, providing everything you need for quick and hassle-free assembly. The stand is compatible with laptops, monitors, and even tablets, offering versatility to suit your needs.

Enhanced Comfort By elevating your laptop or monitor to a more ergonomic height, this stand promotes better posture, reducing strain on your neck and shoulders during extended use. This feature is especially valuable for those who spend long hours working or studying at their computers.

Universal Compatibility The Aluminum Space Bar Stand is designed to accommodate a wide range of laptops and monitors, making it suitable for both Mac and PC users. Its universal appeal ensures that it seamlessly integrates into various computing environments.

In summary, the Aluminum Space Bar Stand for Laptop and Monitor combines form and function seamlessly. Its premium materials, space-saving design, integrated USB hub, and ergonomic benefits make it an essential addition to any workspace. Elevate your computing experience, declutter your desk, and enjoy the convenience of extra USB ports with this stylish and practical stand.

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ABS , Aluminum Alloy , PC


55 X 16.8 X 5 cm

Input Voltage

100 ~ 240V , 50 ~ 60hz

Output Voltage


Aluminium Laptop Stand Features:

  • Warranty Period: Not Applicable
  • Item Condition: New
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Package Quantity: 1 x Stand, 1 x AC Power Cable
  • USB Ports: 4
  • Premium Materials: Durable Aluminum Alloy, ABS, and PC construction.
  • Space-Saving Design: Maximizes desk space by elevating your laptop or monitor.
  • Integrated USB Hub: Four convenient USB ports for seamless connectivity.
  • Easy Setup: Quick assembly, compatible with laptops, monitors, and tablets.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: Promotes better posture and reduces strain during use.
  • Universal Compatibility: Fits various laptops and monitors for broad usage.
  • Cable Management: Keeps your workspace tidy and organized.
  • Modern Aesthetic: Sleek design adds style to any workspace.
  • Sturdy and Portable: Lightweight yet robust for easy relocation.

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